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    SHIANS Organic Coffee Enema is a Natural Cleansing Therapy that increases the effectiveness of all the detoxification organs – especially the liver, colon and kidneys – with one of nature’s finest: coffee.

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Shians is inspired by the foundation of empathy and care to create a synergy between physical wellness and emotional health, by introducing alternative remedies sourced from natural ingredients.

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Love Your Body From the Inside Out

Robust health is a rare commodity in this day and age, but it takes more than just eating all the right foods and the right exercise to be in the pink of health; we need to cleanse, nourish, and nurture our bodies as well.

We at Shians take great care to ensure that what we provide ultimately benefits you, from the inside out.

In Their Words

  • "She had a minor skin condition, her health was overall below optimal, and she had been trying many methods to regulate and improve her health for 8 years.

    KL 有轻微的皮肤状况,整体上的健康状况低于理想的水平。 8年以来,她一直尝试许多方法来调节和改善健康状况。 "

    KL Tan, 35
  • "She was overweight, needed to lose the excess weight.

    Fiona 有体重上升的困扰,需要减肥。 "

    Fiona Kok, 45
  • "She had serious constipation, and her husband had high blood pressure.

    Song Ying有严重的便秘,她的丈夫有高血压。 "

    Song Ying, 33

Organic Coffee Enema


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