We are passionate about Shians Organic Coffee Enema because it truly has been making a difference in the health and lives of many people. The following are the testimonials of some of the people who have benefitted from this product.

"She had a minor skin condition, her health was overall below optimal, and she had been trying many methods to regulate and improve her health for 8 years.

KL 有轻微的皮肤状况,整体上的健康状况低于理想的水平。 8年以来,她一直尝试许多方法来调节和改善健康状况。 " Read more

KL Tan, 35

"She was overweight, needed to lose the excess weight.

Fiona 有体重上升的困扰,需要减肥。 " Read more

Fiona Kok, 45

"She had serious constipation, and her husband had high blood pressure.

Song Ying有严重的便秘,她的丈夫有高血压。 " Read more

Song Ying, 33

"Skin infection on chest, hand, and leg for 15 years.

胸、手和脚长牛皮癬长达15年。 " Read more

HMKB Dharmawardene, 50

"Irene had suffered from migraine for over 20 years, and she had to take medicine almost daily to reduce the pain. Also, Irene had to endure years of cervical and thoracic pain. Although massages helped to relieve the pains, she was not cured.

Irene 患有20多年的偏头痛,几乎每天得服用药物以减轻疼痛。此外,她也得忍受多年的颈椎和胸椎疼痛。虽然按摩有助于缓解疼痛,但并无法根治。 " Read more

Irene Lee, 55

"Obesity. Wendy had tried many slimming methods but did not achieve satisfactory results.

肥胖。Wendy 尝试了许多减肥方法都无法达到满意的效果。 " Read more

Wendy Lee, 36

"Leng Leng had high uric acid and cholesterol levels.

Leng Leng的尿酸和胆固醇超标。 " Read more

Chua Leng Leng, 43

"Sunny was diagnosed with hardened liver so he had a huge belly and swollen legs. He was unable to walk or bend his legs without feeling pain. The doctor predicted that he only had 6 months to live.

Sunny被诊断出肝硬化,所以他挺着一个巨大的肚子和肿胀的双腿。 他行走和弯腰时感受到痛苦。 医生预测他只剩下6个月的生命。 " Read more

Sunny Wong, 65

"Aris had constipation, her husband had high blood pressure, and her sister-in-law was in the early stage of cancer.

Aris有便秘问题,她的丈夫有高血压,一位妯娌处于癌症的早期阶段。 " Read more


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